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My experience of this campsite was the most unfriendly, hostile camping experience I've had so far. Funny enough, the residents were very friendly, the hostess however was a great dissapointment. I did not feel welcome. Not how you want to spent your vacation... I had set up my tent on apparantly the wrong spot, and instead of explaining and asking me to relocate my tent, she just bluntly asked me to leave. I had to pack all my things and leave the campsite late in the evening. Luckily the camping municipale would let me set up camp after office hours. A little less comfort, but way more friendly and welcoming.

Saint-Julien-en-Born #1,596 rating: 1/5

This place is horrible, don't going to this ! The responsable of the Castle is an grifter, Don't trust and be careful is a liar!!

Saint-Sulpice-et-Cameyrac #1,502 rating: 1/5

incrédible choice about the ice cream and flavors , perfect

Issoire #1,336 rating: 5/5

The team is nice and efficient, thank you for everything

Brussels #1,099 rating: 5/5

Je recommande les luxueux appartements de MyCityLofts, situés dans les meilleurs quartiers, à tous ceux qui préfèrent loger dans un appartement plutôt que dans un hôtel lorsqu’ils visitent une ville !!!

Brussels #1,098 rating: 5/5

Family owned, falafel are the best, crispy on the outside and fresh on the inside.

Strasbourg #836 rating: 5/5

This is not FLAIR Galerie in Arles. Could you please remove it ?

Arles #65 rating: 1/5

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